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Images from 'From King of Karachi to Lockdown in the Costa del Crime: Meet the International Smuggler Who Dominated Europe's Worst Prison' show Chet posing with a rifle at a shooting range and holding two caimans as he relaxes in a club.In another shot from the book a police evidence tray full of confiscated drugs can be seen in a cutting from a Spanish newspaper.

He was only caught after he was betrayed by one of his associates.

During his time in prison, he cut up his bedsheets and used them as canvases, using art as a 'way out'.

The story details how Chet, a former nightclub doorman, was able to establish a drugs route from the steroid capital of the world in Karachi, Pakistan, by establishing a local alias, Jet Khan.

Chet - real name Gurchettan Sandhu - masterminded the steroid-smuggling operation with a market value of more than half a million dollars.

Now in a new book Chet chronicles his life and time inside the notorious Spanish prison Fontcalent, famed for its tough conditions and high-profile inmates.

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