Clapham dating

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Clapham dating

Locals told of their fear as rumours swirled about what the gangs were doing.

"We are so scared, we have no idea what they are doing, or why," said one local, who did not want to be named. We thought it was safe." But just after 10pm police suddenly, and without explanation, lifted the cordons and allowed people through.

A spokesman said that in the early hours more than 150 people were still in the area "where substantial disorder and damage was being caused to shops and local businesses".

"The vehicles were used in support of officers on the ground and resulted in the disorder in Lavender Hill area being brought under control," he said.

Ingleborough Cave, first entered and made accessible in 1837, is the premier show cave in the Yorkshire Dales.

In 2012, it celebrated 175 years of entrancing visitors with an awe inspiring range of stunning cave formations, the imposing cave entrance and the large passages are full of artefacts dating back millions of years along with the evidence of the significant impact of the Ice Ages. The tours of the Cave leave from the entrance at regular intervals with an expert guide to help interpret the many features of the Cave.

There are several stations that are busier in terms of passenger numbers.

Waterloo is the UK's busiest in terms of annual entry/exit with over 62 million passengers.

Just after 11pm, as police slowly brought the area under control, terrified locals appeared from their homes to assess the damage.

The area, commonly referred to as "Nappy Valley", also has many bars and restaurants.

The damage bill is expected to top hundreds of thousands of pounds.

One motorist, who was unlucky to have been caught by the youths, staggered from his car, blood pouring from head wounds. Residents were told to stay indoors amid fears that they could be targeted.

"We don't want people getting hurt by their bombs and missiles," said one officer.

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Many of the youths appeared to be enjoying themselves as they laughed and posed for pictures in front of smashed shop fronts.

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