Dys4ia online dating

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Dys4ia online dating

Check out the links below to see (and play) these games.Founded by Ian Bogost (writer of the book Persuasive Games, 2007) and Gerard Lafond, this website hosts 25 games that range in topic from political campaigning to airport security.We have tried to find games that fit our definition of a persuasive game (i.e.it was primarily made to change one or more attitudes in its players), were available to play without installation files and were in the English language.The Jennifer Ann Group holds yearly challenges open to any and all to design browser-based games that deal with the topic of teen dating violence.

Having been on the receiving end of misogynistic abuse and threats to her life in part of what has later become known as Gamer Gate, it is easy to overlook the contribution Zoe Quinn has made to persuasive games through her self-published title Depression Quest.Lucas Pope made The Sea Has No Claim during Ludum Dare’s 29th competition and slightly refined it afterwards.A strategy game made to fit LD29’s theme of ‘Beneath The Surface’, it refers in all but name to the futile search for the MH370 Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing less than two months earlier.While the games could certainly make you think, not all of them seem to be made to make you smile.Headlined by Endgame: Syria, the games on this site alternate between light-hearted satire and ethical reflections on real-world issues.

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PETA’s websites are home to some choice persuasive games. Lo, Monster in Fur and Seal Slalom are just a few of the examples.

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