Elucidating isoniazid resistance using molecular

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Elucidating isoniazid resistance using molecular

The concepts of target organ and critical effect have been developed to aid in the interpretation of toxicological data.

These factors can also affect exposure and dose, through modifying uptake, absorption, distribution and metabolism.Moreover, the chapter does not attempt to set toxicology within specific subdisciplines, such as forensic toxicology.It is the premise of the chapter that the information provided is relevant to all types of toxicological endeavours and to the use of toxicology in various medical specialities and fields.In this chapter, topics are based primarily upon a practical orientation and integration with the intent and purpose of the Encyclopaedia as a whole.Topics are also selected for ease of cross-reference within the Encyclopaedia.

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These concepts are important in occupational health because they define the types of toxicity and clinical disease associated with specific exposures, and in most cases reduction of exposure has as a goal the prevention of critical effects in target organs, rather than every effect in every or any organ.