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As her boredom and inebriation grew, so did her libido, especially with the salacious thoughts pervading her mind. Paul fished in his pocket for a couple of bills and shoved them into Jason's hand, "Take her home, but stop by the pharmacy for some of those hangover pills. Yyou're suuuch a goooood boy." At the car, Jason opened the passenger door for his mother and tried to usher her in.Eventually, desperately horny, she made her way to her husband, who had previously abandoned her for his drinking friends. Put her to bed -- I'll be home after the party ends and take it from there." As they began the short trek to the car, Jason reassured his mother, "Sorry dad was such an asshole. Completely unstable, Helen tumbled forward, her head stopping just shy of the car door thanks to Jason's quick hands. Helen's hand shot forward and clutched his forearm. " Without a word, Jason freed his arm from her grasp and rose up on his knees.Helen gasped as she felt her pussy stretched wider than ever before, and a dull, burning sensation threatened to engulf her whole. And so, brow knitted and teeth gritted, Helen Cleaver paid the toll for the ultimate ecstasy as her son dug the requisite access tunnel.An assortment of gasps, curses, squeals and screams marked his progress.Her long nails gently combed through hair much like her own. Surprised and invigorated by one of the happiest memories of his life, Jason fully kissed her back. The welcome sensation and the intoxicating memories of the four-poster bed in the chaperone cabin fortified his already semi-erect cock. though you certainly make it difficult," June muttered, staring at the large protuberance in the boy's shorts. And remember, if you ever want another free box, give me or Penny a call anytime! Well, you're gonna have to let me go up the stairs by myself," she smiled, matter-of-factly. Directly atop her, he raised himself on his elbows until he was eye-level, "No fair! it's wrong." Jason finally silenced her with their second kiss of the night, and her silent, passionate response spoke more to her true ambitions than her hesitant logorrhea ever could. Moaning into her son's lips, Helen enjoyed the ministrations of his fingers, now directly massaging her labia. Between kisses on erogenous zones that fogged her mind, he confidently asserted, "I promise it'll feel good. Rumors and her own imagination hadn't even remotely approximated the reality in front of her; the bobbing scimitar of flesh in front of her was easily the largest cock she'd ever laid her eyes on.

The vulcanized rubber fit snugly, its translucent, black color contrasting sharply with the boy's opaque, alabaster shaft.

Despite the well-meaning housewife's attempts to draw inviolable boundaries, her inability to say no (and, on some deep level, her pleasure in his wide-eyed attention) to the apple of her eye saw their relationship grow more and more dangerous.

It took a teary-eyed confession of his newfound oedipal love that finally led Helen to put a firm stop to their lessons.

Jason curled his fist around the base, elevating it until the head of the cruelly curved shaft brushed against his shirt.

"I'm going to make you come with this." He pushed up the skirt of Helen's dress and removed her panties.

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The gods saw fit to sculpt a human David out of the teen as the years progressed; combined with her husband's neglect, the image of Jason in boxers had provided the housewife with innumerable intense, guilty climaxes.