Good sexting websites

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Good sexting websites

So children who put pornographic photographs of themselves online or share the material via their mobile phones are, technically, breaking the law.'So far, 90 children in the UK have been cautioned as a result of posting sexual material of themselves or their underage friends online or on their mobile phones.This is the first generation to become sexually active with the internet, and the internet is playing its part in the process - sometimes with horrifying consequences.They treated the case very seriously; but in the end they didn't prosecute her.' One of the teenage boys I spoke to described the online humiliation of a young friend.'It can really backfire on you, that sort of stuff,' he told me.'They're the ones who will get easily swayed by boys, because boys want to see them naked, and they think that if they show them themselves naked...' Several girls told me they were often pestered to send explicit photos of themselves to boys. 'But I know girls who give in really easily.'For the Radio 4 programme, I spoke to children from a range of public and state schools.

'What some of today's youngsters are doing is, by any civilised, contemporary standards, obscene,' says John Carr of the UK's Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety. It's a genuinely new problem which is the result of the emergence of new technology together with an increasing cultural tolerance of pornography.

'Over the holidays, I went to a party with people from my old school and one of the girls was on her bed with nothing on.

She had loads and loads of makeup on, so you could see that she'd thought about it.' This girl had used her mobile phone to capture her provocative poses and sent them on afterwards, sometimes unsolicited, to boys - a disturbing trend that has been dubbed 'sexting'.

Within a few hours, the police reckon, it was on about 1,000 different screens.

'The police managed to trace the girl through the school because she was wearing her uniform.

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