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"If you are going to get involved in a dodgy bet, you are not likely nowadays to go down the path of likely detection," said a source.

The Independent also understands the FA requested phone records, bank account access and betting account details from a number of "football people", and that at least some of its charges arose from this work.

The midfielder David Mannix, 23, is a former teenage prodigy who played for Liverpool's Under-17s aged just 13, and won England youth caps.

It is understood he was on a basic weekly deal of just £80 at Stanley at the time.

Quite why a player would risk so much might become apparent in the fullness of time, but the fact that Mannix and four other players related to Accrington wagered a combined sum of £10,505 on Bury to win, according to FA charges, suggests this was not a typical day's punting.

Or if it was, then never have so many alarm bells sounded before.

Some fear a tag of "snitches" which might keep punters away.

Betfair, the main online firm, saw increased trade, but not suspicious trade.

The League Two club's small size and low crowds dictate lower basic pay levels than many clubs in the non-league game, let alone at clubs in the Football League.

Contracts are heavily weighted to appearance money and bonuses, with Mannix on around £300 per actual game played back then. And so, when his weekly basic wage of £80 is set against the £4,000 that the FA allege he bet on his own side to lose that day, it is possible to see that he was not dealing in pin money.

"Uefa is investing a lot to combat match-fixing." So, slowly but surely, are authorities in Britain.

How last match of season unfolded for Accrington The action as it happened: the following is a verbatim contemporary match report from the Press Association, ...

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All bookmakers, on the high street and online, should keep detailed accounts, and if the Gambling Commission demanded disclosure, it could find out.