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Election season always kind of paralyzes me in my contact with them because I know there is nothing I can do or say to convince them to vote Democrat.

Tennessee, where they live, just north of Nashville, is a god, guns and abortion driven red state.

He ran away with it by pushing us away, creating an environment that was so toxic we couldn’t approach even our own families to argue against him. We now need to turn our anger into an effort to educate our families about the dangers we now most certainly face.

Our gains of the past generation are almost all at stake.

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BY TROY MASTERS | I failed to convince my own mother to vote for Hillary Clinton. Now tears are streaming down my face because we are all three locked in an alienation of our own doing.

They have, in the past, acknowledged the many contradictions that exist in having a gay family member and being Republican.Family member: Yes I do Me: You know what he did to us? Me: In 2014 he ordered the imprisonment of any couple seeking same sex marriage licenses and ignored the Federal Court order…like the judge in Alabama.And he passed a law that allowed any person to claim religious privilege if they do not want to rent to, employee or serve a gay couple. And Trump promised to let the states decide on marriage.But it really does hurt that either of you would vote for them.Family member: We will talk after this dust settles. Family member: This is not my fault or your Mothers and I’m gonna leave it at that, Troy.

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Growing up in a Fox News household before Fox News, often filled with bile racial invective and raw hatred of liberal ideas was not easy.

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